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No matter however special you feel the other days, birthdays are always meant to have that remarkable touch about it. After all, it’s the day you made our world a little more beautiful with your precious presence. Temple visits, blessing of the elders, surprise cakes, parties and showering gifts – sounds like a gala celebration, doesn’t it? Well, this time, why not repeat the classic birthday-bash with happyretreats? Idyllic destinations like Aalaya, Villa Ayana, LeBluz or backyard will make you wish birthdays didn’t come just once a year! From mom-dad’s much-adored princess to the cool hunk of friends group, from the workaholic manager of multinational company to the graceful stage performer – we have well curated treats in offer for everyone. Birthday celebrations with us can be your sheer chance to party hardest, or just a peaceful day of respite from the monotony called ‘daily life’.

Head to one of our getaways with friends, family or just your lovey-dovey spouse for a sumptuous birthday jamboree. The hospitality of our happyteam will make you feel at home in every way, whereas our dedicated planners will leave no stones unturned to organize a memorable occasion for you. In order to deliver on expectations, they always begin from the grassroots level of forethought. With you by their side as a guide, they can never fail to create the perfect experience you initially envisioned. Come, be a part of this unique idea on your coming birthday. You will witness our hardworking team winning your loving heart time and again!

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