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Our Journey

Our journey began as the harbingers of surprises!

We always knew our vision was to put a smile on peoples’ faces, and to embark on our vision, we began curating customised surprise events for people looking to celebrate their happiest occasions with the excitement that would last a lifetime.

As our work progressed, we observed a gap in the supply and demand for personalised experiences, at exclusive venues. There were customers who were looking to add a personal touch to their celebrations, and there were owners, with exquisite villas, looking to make more of their holiday homes. We stepped in, and began conversations with such owners, and slowly realised the merits of our dream. To our delight, we found that our management of such sites, yielded positive results, and Happy Retreats, as we know it, was born.

Our ideology revolves around service being at the core of hospitality, and rather than adopting an aggressive pursuit towards a quantitative growth, we pinpointed our customers’ need for quality services This, complemented with the choice to have a completely personalised celebration with their loved ones, is what makes Happy Retreats unique. We witnessed an idea expand, become a philosophy for our goals, and finally evolve into the brand it is today. Currently, we have two projects in the pipeline, which will be available for our customers to enjoy, by 2019.

Our aim, while still the same, has been amplified by the belief that merely creating an experience is not enough – creating a memory is what’s important! Surprise planners by passion, we at Happy Retreats don’t miss a single opportunity to surprise and delight our guests.

We are not a resort. We are not an aggregator. We are what you want us to be.