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Turn your lazy Sundays to experiential Sundays, come over to Le Bluz by Happy Retreats and enjoy the celebration of food — Passion on Plate! Located in the serene location, Le Bluz is the perfect spot for you and your family to enjoy a Sunday with food and beverages prepared by a passionate chef.

About Passion on Plate ?

If you are someone who enjoys cooking because of that special feeling you get when people are really happy and satisfied to have your food then this initiative is all dedicated to celebrate your passion for food.

We at Happy Retreats have dedicated one Sunday in a month to organize an invite only event to introduce one passionate chef who gets an opportunity to organize a brunch by inviting all the close friends ,family members and couple of food bloggers too to review your food.

Introducing our very first Passionate chef:

Porithosh Shetty( Pattu)

Forbidden to pursue a career in culinary education, he has always believed that food is the gateway to a human soul, it’s been a point where human kind come to a neutral platform. We may be divided by continents & countries, but at the end, when it boils down, the food we eat describes us all. It’s an unspoken gesture where you can connect with people, without even knowing their language. It is one off the most satisfying feeling one can have. “As a passionate cook for me the ultimate bliss is when someone comes up to me & says, “can I have some more & that makes my day.” says Porithosh Shetty (Pattu)

Cuisine: He specializes in experimenting with fusion continental food.

Stay tuned for the upcoming event updates

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