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If this question has bothered you in years gone by, it’s time to change the way we celebrate all important milestones of our lives.

Remember when you chose that perfect dream venue as the destination for your cousin’s destination wedding? Wasn’t it a straight-out-of-the-dreams experience that’ll forever be etched in your memory with all its smallest details? On the other hand, remember planning your anniversary-party — a restaurant or a poolside bar for an evening? Why this discrimination, we ask!

Well, while a wedding should surely be treated as once-in-a-lifetime moment, the other occasions, too, deserve your equal contemplation. Imagine a two-day-long destination baby shower as a chance to connect with your closest friends and family. A small baby-moon and some quality time with your spouse while you gear up for the new guest.

Sounds like the best gift for the most special person in your life, doesn’t it? Be it your promotion party, a landmark birthday or your first house — everything calls for a celebration and Happy Retreats will make sure you get the perfect dose of destination celebration without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

A widespread array of celebration getaways like can serve as perfect celebration getaways for all your celebrations. Give yourself and your dearest ones a break this time, a chance to breathe some fresh air while marking a new milestone of your life.

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